Nashville is smack dab in the middle of a bowl of mountain ridges.

The mountains that surround the Nashville area in particular are what was called a ridge bowl created when the land lifted up.  Hundreds of years later we have the Nashville Basin which is the bottom of the bowl for mountains and a prime place for pollen and allergens to settle down into.

Other key cities that rest in this bottom section of the bowl are Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, Hermitage, Donelson, Murfreesboro, Smyrna and LaVergne.

Asthma and Allergy sufferers in Tennessee take allergy medicines, inhalers, carry a box of tissues around and even can have extreme headaches due to all the factors in the area.  There are two main ‘natural culprits’ in the area that cause these reactions and we are here to help you alleviate the ones we know we can control. Other culprits are not controllable but being aware of them will help you take measure to protect yourself from exposure.

We can help with your allergies!

The allergens we can control in your living environment in Tennessee are Mice, Stinkbugs, Ladybugs, Fungus and Cockroaches. People are shocked to find out that these little bugs cause kids asthma issues as well as adults respiratory conditions.

Close up of mouse's face - House mice - US Pest Protection Nashville TN


Everyone knows cats and dogs cause allergies in some people but most people don’t know mice can cause major allergic reactions.  Not only do they have the hair and grooming habits of cats and dogs, but they also produce respiratory agitators in their droppings that hey leave in undetected areas. The city can be a dangerous place to live if the mice population gets out of control. Rhinovirus can be caused by mice and their activity in your living environment as well. Check it out here ‘How Mice Get Into Your Home’



Cooler weather brings these little alien looking bugs inside homes all over Middle Tennessee.  They are looking for shelter and a place to overwinter while its cold outside.  Take into account these little bugs could die in droves in your attic and crawl space and then mice have a food source for days.  Now you have mice and Stinkbugs that are creating an allergic reaction as a double-whammy.


These bugs swarm onto sides of homes in the fall looking for a place to hibernate during the winter.  They not only can cause horrible damage to your beautiful paint job but also create deeper cracks around your crown molding. When they die inside your home, which happens in droves, their dead bodies decompose in undetected areas and the dust from their dead bodies causes asthma and strong allergic reactions in the form of respiratory distress.

Cockroaches, Health Concerns - U.S. Pest Control & Protection Nashville, TN


These nasty little bugs cause allergies because of their saliva, feces and shedding body parts. These dust particles created by decomposition of their bodies act like dust mites and are kicked up into the air.  These particles in the air cause asthma and allergy attacks.

The allergens we cannot control outside your living environment are plant based and are specific to the Middle Tennessee region.


Native Trees such as pine pollen create a yellow dusting all over everything certain times of the year. This pollen is obviously going to irritate the airways of anyone who suffers from respiratory issues. If your new to Nashville then this might aggravate your breathing and cause major allergic reactions. You’ll also want to buy a membership to a local car wash since you have to wash you car daily to get the dusting off.


Tennessee is home to various types of grasses that cause allergies.  Again, the fact that the topography of this region lends itself to being a bowl where this pollen settles makes it impossible to get away from these allergens.  Don’t worry though if you can make it though summer here there is only one more season to get through which is fall.


Ragweed becomes pronounced in the fall. You might experience runny nose, itchy eyes, coughing and drainage.  The classic symptoms of allergies as well as some exacerbation of asthma.  This allergic reaction constitutes for about 1/2 of all the allergy sufferers in Tennessee.  And if you’ve just moved to Nashville, its best to be armed with these facts so you can prepare.

The good news is U.S. Pest can control a lot of your living environment to ensure you have a safer place to live allergy free.  Our pest control programs, mice prevention programs, ladybug treatments and prevention of these pests inside your home can alleviate and offer some great relief.  In fact, our encapsulation services and crawl space remediation services offer protection from fungus that is in your breathing air inside your home.  Contact us today if you need some help in getting your house under control.

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