Monthly pest control is very important to create successful relationships with the homeowners. To control inside issues with pests, a monthly pest service allows us to maintain quality service.


Communication Is Key

99% of all pests that you find inside your home, come from the outside

First of all, we need to communicate with our customers to form a relationship. We need to be able to let you know what we will do, what we did, and what we will be doing next month. Furthermore, by letting you know what pests are on their way we are all prepared for them.


The Service of Monthly Pest Control

Odorous Ant colonies nest outside, while pharaoh ants will nest inside

When your technician gets there, they will ask you if there have been any issues inside and where they occurred. Since the vast majority of pests come from the outside, a thorough treatment of the exterior can quite often suffice for the service. In addition, it is important that your technician informs you of the pests that are coming and what we will do preventatively to control them.

Several ants crawling on a wooden table - US Pest Protection Nashville TN

  • Friendly professional service
Ants have become a more prevalent issue. Winter not being as cold is just one contributing factor. We need to form a friendly open relationship. The service needs to involve a thorough inspection and treatment of the exterior. Interior treatment can be as needed. A monthly pest control service will take care of your needs.