A mild winter in Tennessee means warmer weather than usual. How does this affect pests you ask? The warmer weather in Tennessee this winter will lead to an increase in ticks, mosquitos, fleas and a host of other insects.  Many insects perish when cold weather hits, but there are major problems when the cold weather doesn’t’ hit!


Why Cold Weather is Important for Insect Control

Insects of various sorts will die a natural death when cold bitter weather hits. In Nashville and surrounding areas, some of the insects and pests controlled by cold weather are mosquitos, ticks, ladybugs, wasps and even mice.  For the most part, the natural life cycle of an insect has come to an end because they have accomplished their created mission to procreate. The adult insects will die, but their eggs or offspring (nymphs) will overwinter and hatch in the spring.  If the cold weather does not hit the Tennessee area then the eggs will hatch early.

Ants simply go underground in the winter and if your unlucky enough for them to be under your home or landscaping you might still receive them in your home.

Wasps overwinter in your home’s attic or wall voids, sometimes without you even noticing they are there.  Local wasps in Nashville are terrible during mild winters because they can come out early and cause unexpected alarm.

Termites are not affected by the weather, unless there is flooding.  Most termites simply continue their tunnel building from the ground to your house even in negative temperatures. Termites in Nashville are abundant, we are in an area of the country where termites are a major threat. The best defense against termites destroying your home is a complete barrier treatment from U.S Pest.  



Affects of a Mild Winter

Warmer winters in Tennessee will cause an overabundance of insects and pests due to the adults not dying.  These adults hunker down in shelters in your home or even in the wild, waiting to die or survive. When the temperatures don’t fall dramatically, the adults simply wait it out. Therefore in the spring we have an overabundance of adults and babies.

Insects That Fly

Mosquitos adults will normally die off in extreme cold after laying their freezing tolerant eggs.  When the freezing temperatures don’t happen they emerge with their eggs when the temperatures are right in the spring.

Flies will survive in warmer winters and can cause quite a nuisance. The fly typically associated with summer picnics can show up in January if the temperature doesn’t fall for a sustained period of time.

Insects That Crawl

Ticks will typically live a longer adult life than normal due to warmer weather, so the winter hike or playtime in the yard could result in tick bites. Tennessee ticks can result in major illnesses and sicknesses that are medically hard to treat.

Spiders are mostly cold tolerant and do not die during the winter.  When you see a spider in your home, it typically is a male who is hunting for food.  Very commonly, spiders will make their colony in your home and will have been there all year long if you see them in the winter.  Again, spiders are not affected by the winter fluctuations. Brown Recluse are not affected by the weather either.  

Roaches are not affected by the weather outside, and are finding harborage in your home.  These little adaptable insects can tolerate cold to hot temperatures just fine. The problem with a cockroach infestation is that they can live for years inside your home and never go outside for food, shelter or water.

Bedbugs are not affected by the cold weather.  Typically, bedbugs are found inside the home and do not infest outside of living space therefore the weather has no effect on them or their behavior.


What Insects and Pests Will You See More of Because of Warm Winters?


What Insects and Pests Will NOT be affected Because of Warm Winters?


The weather in Tennessee is unpredictable and some winters are harsh with ice storms in January.  Other winters like we are experiencing now are mild with sunny spring days allowing for insects to survive and thrive.  Prepare yourself for an influx of ticks and mosquitoes if the temperature does drop well below freezing for a sustained period of time. Pests and Insects are controlled by the weather, but U.S. Pest controls your living environment so that you never experience any of the problems.  Hot or Cold outside, we got you covered. Our pest and termite protection services are year round protection. If you do not have our service protection, then you are operating your home or business without the best protection in the industry. 



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