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Merry Christmas from the Bee Inspired Hives!

We hope this update finds everyone happy and healthy this season. The hives have almost officially made it through their first year. We battled pests, we made some honey, we raised some brood, and we inspired some new beekeepers. We can say this season was officially a success and we couldn’t be happier.

The majority of the hives have around 25 lbs of honey put away for the winter. We look for around 30 lbs as a rule so as a result, we are feeding them a little fondant to take care of the babies. The cluster of bees has shrunk a bit as compared to the summer/fall which is normal for this time of year. Finally, we’ve closed down the entrance to the smallest opening to help cut down on cold air drafts and try to discourage mice or other predators from trying to make the hive a warm and cozy home during the winter months. It’s this time of year that we reflect and give thanks to all the local supporters we’ve had this past year. US Pest has been at the center of honeybee growth and improvement in Middle Tennessee. 5 brand new beehives were created as a direct result of their help. That’s the equivalent to 400,000 new bees that now exist along the countryside! In addition, thanks to their support, we were also able to donate over 200 pollinator-friendly seed bombs to local students in Williamson County! Big changes happen through small acts of kindness. Thank you. Best wishes for a sweet new year.

“US Pest has been at the center of honeybee growth and improvement in Middle Tennessee. 5 brand new beehives were created as a direct result of their help. That’s the equivalent to 400,000 new bees that now exist along the countryside!”

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