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Meet our “Model” U.S. Pest Professional Don Lewis

Meet our “Model” U.S. Pest Professional Don Lewis.

Don has been employed with U.S. Pest for 8 years and continues to provide exceptional service with the highest approval from his customers.

He is always consistent & never stops until every task is done to his top-notch standards. Don has a positive attitude and a calm demeanor which makes him so easy to work with.
“Don is what you want every pest professional to be, he makes all of our jobs easier by being reliable in any situation.” James Hawkins, Commercial Manager U.S. Pest.

Don has a passion for long distance running and this past year completed the Boston Marathon…no wonder why it’s so easy for him to go the extra mile for his customers!

Congratulate Don on his outstanding customer service and continued success here at U.S. Pest Protection!

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