Interaction with customers during termite inspections is important to our professionals. When we come out to your home, we will talk to you before and after the inspection. Human interaction is very important to us.


Inspection interaction gains trust

We will do a thorough inspection of home for termites. A termite queen can be as big as your thumb and live up to 50 years.

As we do the inspection, we will inspect the exterior, crawlspace, garage, and/or basement. We will take moisture readings of the wood in the crawlspace as we inspect. We are looking at everything, not just termite activity.


Communication and documenting inspection

Communicate findings of inspection. Interaction between the customer and the professional is extremely important.

To add, there are only subterranean termites in Tennessee. The colony is in the ground and the workers form dirt tubes to move up walls, to maintain a moist environment. You may only be able to see 10% of possible activity in a structure.

In addition, as we communicate our findings, we will tell you of course if we saw any current or old termite activity. We will also let you know about the moisture content of the wood in your crawlspace, and what that means. Fungus can be an issue in crawlspaces, so we will let you know about that and the condition of your moisture barrier. Also, we let you know if we see any leaking plumbing, disconnected ductwork, and animal activity.



Three step inspection process.

  • Pre-inspection communication with homeowner
  • Thorough inspection of structure
  • Post inspection communication of findings


Importance of communication during inspection review

Within 7 years, a termite colony can grow to a population of over 300,000. There can be over 13 colonies per acre in middle Tennessee.

Communication with you, the customer, is of the utmost importance to us. Furthermore, we like to communicate what we are going to do on the inspection beforehand. After the inspection, we encourage questions and can make suggestions on how to rectify issues. Communication is key to us. As a result, this will conclude in an enjoyable professional experience!

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