U.S. Pest Is Sumner County & Hendersonville HolidayFest 2015 Title Sponsor


Erica Brister, president of U.S. Pest and Sumner County native, is proud to announce that U.S. Pest have signed on to be the 2015 title sponsor for Hendersonville’s HolidayFest. HolidayFest was founded by Lynda Evjen, a recent transplant from California. Her goal was to bring together the spirit of the holidays with the spirit of community.

U.S. Pest is looking forward to supporting Sumner County and Hendersonville HolidayFest this year. The preparations are beginning now as HolidayFest begins preparations for contributing to Hendersonville for the best holiday season ever. U.S. Pest prides is a community driven pest protection company in Hendersonville and Sumner County. Opportunities to support and take care of the community above and beyond pest control has always been a priority for the family owned and operated business.

HolidayFest has been growing every year and provides activities, support and spirit to Hendersonville every year. Current president of the board is Michael Smith of The Smith Group Ad Group. He and Erica Brister, President of U.S. Pest, are proud to be a part of the holiday spirit in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

HolidayFest-Parade-2014 - Hendersonville's HolidayFestHendersonville’s HolidayFest runs for three months starting in October with community driven projects and charitable events. Last year there was a gala for dogs and cats that was well populated with pets and owners. Everyone played well together and they all left with special treats. HolidayFest and their sponsors also support Christmas 4 Kids, a nonprofit that celebrates children by putting on concerts and taking kids shopping at Walmart every year. There’s Breakfast with Santa, Appalachian Christmas dinner, The St. Nicolas Ball and it all ends with the Hendersonville Holiday Parade.

U.S. Pest is also a supporter of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Bridge Ministries, Katie Hill Kids, I Love Hungry Kids and other organizations that represent the reputation of U.S. Pest’s community driven spirit and commitment to service.

Erica Brister and U.S. Pest will continue to offer the best customer service to protect your family, your home and your community.

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