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Happy Valentine’s Day from U.S. Pest Protection Honey Bees

In honor of Valentine’s Day we’re bringing you a shot of the pinkest U.S. Pest Protection Bee Aware hive there is!

All the hives are still kicking. Maybe it’s the thought of Valentine’s Day right around the corner that keeps them going. Right now our queens are actually starting to slowly increase their egg laying and brood rearing.

Activity these days has been hit and miss across all the hives. Cold snaps tend to keep them huddled up inside and the warmer days are spent cleaning out the hive and searching for a quick run of pollen. One of the first signs of the coming spring is pale gray pollen nuggets coming in from the American Elm tree. We’re patiently waiting for this sight and hope it’s coming sooner than later.

For now, we’re cleaning up equipment and prepping our yards and shop for a great honey flow this year! We believe the U.S. Pest hives are up to the challenge!

Here’s a link to a video of the bees out flying during a warm day last week!

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