Get Rid of Bed Bugs

bed bug infestation can quickly escalate from a minor nuisance to a full-blown nightmare. These tiny, resilient bugs prefer to inhabit areas populated by humans, latching onto a human host for blood supply. The feeding habits of bed bugs are less than ideal for humans, as their continued presence can lead to an assortment of health problems from allergies to unsightly rashes. If bed bugs are discovered within a private residence, proper measures must be taken to eliminate the infestation.

The mosteffective recourse is to enlist the help of Tennessee’s #1 Professional Pest-Control Service, U.S. Pest Protection. Bed bugs can inhabit anything from furniture to clothing, and a pest-control technician from U.S. Pest will thoroughly examine every part of the room to confirm the presence of bed bugs and determine the extent of the infestation. Pesticides and steam power are then applied around contaminated areas to kill the bed bugs and their eggs. A pest-control service will require multiple visits to ensure complete eradication of bed bugs.

To supplement the efforts of your pest-control company, an individual can also identifydisinfect, and clean areas overrun with bed bugs. Contaminated clothing and bedding should be laundered in hot water and dried on high heat for at least 20 minutes. Removing furniture and other objects from the living space reduces the surface area available for contamination. Because bed bugs are nocturnal critters, they often hide out in dark spaces until feeding time. Every corner and crevice of the room from mattress seams to furniture frames should be vacuumed daily, making use of the vacuum’s attachments for tight spaces.

The eradication of bed bugs will necessitate both professional pesticide applications and rigorous adherence to daily cleaning routines. By combining these two measures, the current infestation can be eliminated and a repeat occurrence prevented. Call U.S. Pest for more advice, and professional help with bed bug problems. Nashville: 615.383.9779 | Hendersonville: 615.822.8500 | Madison: 615.868.6140