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Customer Service Basics of Pest Control – Today, many people and companies around the world are allowing and choosing to use technology in their communication with each other. Phone calls, emails, text messages, etc. but what happened to a good ole fashion face to face interaction?

Here at U.S. Pest Protection we believe in the effectiveness, and efficiency these tools bring, as well as the openness of our customers utilizing these tools, just as we do. However, we have a goal at U.S, Pest to change lives, and make a difference. What better way to do that then with a warm smile, and friendly words from your leading pest control provider. Yes, you guessed it, here at U.S. Pest the answer is simple… customer service is ALIVE and WELL!


Whatever it takes

WHATEVER IT TAKES!!! Not just a saying, but the heart of our company and our people. This my friends, is what I call the X Factor! Many companies carry this as a slogan, but here at U.S. Pest we carry this in our heart. This is how we change lives and make a difference!

So the big question is… what is involved in this “Whatever it takes” mentality? The big picture question when it comes to customer service is what isn’t involved in it? Now I know that doesn’t narrow it down, so lets talk about what has made us successful and what our customers truly enjoy about our customer service.


Customer Service Basics of Pest Control

First of all, problems don’t exist here, only opportunities. If a situation arises and we have an unhappy customer for any reason we react promptly, humbly, and professionally. Responding to a customer this way guarantees success! To add, you address and bring a solution to the issue ASAP, you do it in humility, and handle it professionally in a way that the customer feels loved on and taken care of.

Another point that has made us successful is “keeping it simple.” All customers want is a solution to their situation. We don’t claim to be perfect, and we strive to get 1% better each day. However, we take responsibility for everything and deliver a top notch solution. It’s like the old cliche goes… “It’s not what happens to you, but how you respond to what happened that matters”. And we are dedicated to the “whatever it takes mentality to insure our customers are completely 120% taken care of and loved on!

Finally, the most important piece to the customer service equation is our people. Setting yourself up for success in customer service starts from the very beginning, in the hiring process.


We operate off the philosophy that I can teach anyone what they need to know about pest control, but I can’t change character. During the hiring process I look for a few basic characteristics that fit what we do, and where we want to go. This can be a tough thing to do though because most interview processes will only show you so much.

A few things I look at and expect in an interview and out of a potential employee… Are they well dressed? If you want to be taken serious you have to look serious. Are they displaying good eye contact? This tells me a lot about their trustworthiness, and being able to communicate with our customers. Can they carry on a conversation? If they have a hard time speaking with me, and selling me on them, they are going to have a hard time interacting with our family of customers.

We are brilliant at the basics here and that is what I look for. If we cant be brilliant at the basics across the board we will never be able to grow bigger and to the next level which without a doubt will be more complex. Again, my goal is to find genuine, hardworking, and driven individuals that do not want to live a life of mediocrity and complacency.

Again, my goal is to find genuine, hardworking, and driven individuals that do not want to live a life of mediocrity and complacency.


Characteristics and good qualities

  • Genuine
  • Hardworking/dedicated
  • Driven


Over promise and over deliver! So many companies these days from sales to service do so much over promising and under delivering of their services, or under promising and over delivering. Neither option is a good idea. The only way to go is to talk big, and walk big!

Many sales and service companies make 1 of 2 mistakes when it comes to their service. One, on the front end the salesperson over promises something that they won’t do or can’t do. This leads to dissatisfied customers from the get go. You know as well as I do that without trust a relationship can’t survive. You put yourself behind the 8 ball to start in this case.

Secondly, the sales person will under promise and over deliver. The issues hear is your asking for an initial investment that you have to build value in and it is extremely difficult to build value when you under promise on your service. The only way to go is over promise and to over deliver! You build value in what your asking for and the service your going to provide. Unparalleled scope of service, and then you go over that! This is the only way to do it!

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