Springtime Bugs


Springtime is a time of renewal. The trees are budding, the flowers begin to bloom and insect pest begin to show up in and around your home. The days are getting longer and warmer. Insect eggs begin to hatch and adults that have been hibernating over the winter begin to emerge.

As the days begin to warm you might see ladybugs around the inside window frames and sills. First of all, these insects have been overwintering in the walls and attics. Furthermore, they want to get to the exterior but in many instances mistakenly come out inside the structure. Some stink bug species may also show up around porches and patios where they have been resting all winter in furniture or other items.


Early Season Flying Insects

You might start seeing single wasps flying around your home or screened porch. These are female wasps that have been overwintering and staying warm in a structural crack and attic eave soffits. In addition, these females are the remnants of last years wasp nests that died out when winter hit. The wasp females want to emerge to the exterior but may end up inside your home. They are usually slow flying and nonaggressive but will sting if picked up.


Insects That Become More Active

Ants also become more active with the spring warmer weather. They will begin to send out more scouts to find food. Many ant species will nest in structural walls or next to foundations under mulch or rocks. This gives them easy access via structural cracks, windows, and doors to head inside. To add, they will also begin to feed on honeydew, a sweet excretion produced by aphid insects feeding on the plants growing around your home.


Rodents in the spring

Mice will begin to start rearing families. This mice species can live inside or outside during the winter months, but populations will begin to blossom in the spring. Field mice entering from the outside only need a very small opening to enter the house.


Interesting items about pest showing up in the spring

  • Many pests found in the spring are already living in the structure
  • In temperate climates wasps begin new nest every spring
  • Outdoor lights will attract spring flying insects which in turn attract spiders


What Bugs Are common in the Spring

There are many insect and insect-related pests living around your home that may enter through cracks or under doors. Earwigs, millipedes, centipedes and ground spiders may enter as populations start to grow.

Flying insects will begin to be attracted to outdoor lights on porches and structural eaves. Also, as more insects are attracted to these areas, more spiders will be attracted and more webs will be created around windows and eaves.

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