Combat Humidity With A Moisture Barrier

You know that fungus is harmful to your family and your home. Perhaps that’s all you want to know. But at U.S. Pest we believe in educating our customers so that you can fully understand what our Pros are doing in your crawlspace to protect what matters most. It all begins with adding a moisture barrier under your home.

So… what is fungus, anyway? Fungus is plant that lacks chlorophyll, meaning that it cannot synthesize its own food. It must feed on other materials, such as the wood in your home, to sustain itself. Wood-decaying fungi also require moisture, oxygen, and moderate temperatures to thrive. Remove just one of these crucial factors and fungi cannot survive.

Greetings From Nashville!

Nashville is one of the hottest cities in America and that’s not just a figure of speech. To all of our new friends we say welcome to Smashville (Go Preds!) Now, let’s talk about that new house you just bought in East Nasty and how the crawlspace under it shouldn’t reflect that namesake.

A typical crawlspace in the Middle Tennessee area can accumulate up to 19 gallons of water per day naturally. Couple that with condensation and leakage from the internal components of your home and you have the ideal conditions for fungal growth. Not exactly the kind of growth we like to see in our city.

Fungus isn’t just a health issue (although, it’s unquestionably the biggest.) By having a moisture barrier installed by U.S. Pest Protection you not only preserve the health of your family, but you also:

  • Reduce your electric bill by as much as 15%
  • Reduce electrical hazards such as shorts and fire hazards
  • Protect water and sewage pipelines
  • Preserve the overall structure of your home

After all, fungus is a lot like a human. It is a living organism that needs food and water to survive and your crawlspace is like a buffet. Fungi feed off of the wood of your home and the water vapor that collects under your living space. It’s like having a really annoying roommate living downstairs for free. The only difference is that this roommate is literally destroying your quality of life by creating all sorts of health risks.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Additionally, home is also where the health problems are if your crawlspace doesn’t have a moisture barrier. For starters, fungus does more damage to your home than termites. What that means for you is that this rapidly spreading nuisance is already giving you and your family grief. Does your house wake up coughing, wheezing, and with eye irritation in the morning? Chances are fungus is the culprit. Ignoring the issue only exacerbates it. Fungi found in your crawlspace can lead to symptoms much like pneumonia and in extreme cases, cancer.

Combat Humidity From The Ground Up With A Moisture Barrier

Keeping your crawlspace dry deprives fungi of the moisture it needs to grow. That’s why we offer moisture barrier services to everyone throughout the Nashville area, new and native. We’ll keep your air clean and maintain the structural integrity of your home with our moisture barrier services.

Included in our moisture barrier services:

  • 100% ground coverage
  • Reinforced 10-millimeter polyethylene vapor barrier
  • Liquid wood treatment
  • Overlapping barriers, ensuring complete coverage

Moisture barrier services from U.S. Pest Protection protect what matters most by keeping your family healthy and secure from whatever it is that lurks in that area of the house no one ever goes into. (It’s fungus, just in case you wanted to know without having to go under there yourself.) Call us today to mark it off your checklist once and for all!

Learn more about how moisture barriers keep your home safe and dry here.

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