Brown Recluse Spider Species


Brown recluse spider identification is important to know. The brown recluse spider has a bad reputation for having a poisonous bite. This spider’s common name probably comes from the body color and its habit of hiding in reclusive areas of homes and buildings.


First of all, the brown recluse spider species belong to the spider genus Loxosceles. This species of spiders are commonly found in the mid-west, eastern Texas, south to Louisiana, and east to Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. Cousins of the brown recluse can be found in the southwest, more commonly in Arizona and southern Texas.

To add, brown recluse spiders have a tan to brown color are 1/4-1/2 inches in body length. Adults have a darker distinctive mark on their back in the shape of a violin or fiddle. Due to its appearance, sometimes this spider is called a fiddle back spider. This spider has six eyes aligned in a semicircle in pairs of two. Most other spiders have eight eyes.


Common locations of the brown recluse spider

Outdoors this spider lives under rocks, wood piles, under barks or other undisturbed materials. Indoors they can be found in most any undisturbed area of the structure. They can be found in attics, basement, crawlspaces, storage rooms and even in seldom used clothing and shoes.

Also, the female will weave a loose web but doesn’t use it to catch prey. Egg sags appear to be flat or con-caved. These spiders will move and travel to catch insect prey.


The bite

This spider can bite. It is interesting that in many infested areas people are not commonly bitten. If a person is bitten, it is usually due to putting on shoes or clothes that contain a spider. Hence, the spider bites in self-defense.

Consequently, the brown recluse bite can be dangerous in that it may produce necrosis or dead tissue resulting in an open ulcerated sore. Therefore, the bite is usually not felt at first but may have burning pain later.

Another symptom would be restlessness and a fever. It is also interesting to note that not all bites result in the ulcerated sores and may only result in a small red mark. Furthermore, the reaction depends on the individual. Even more so, if bitten go to the doctor or emergency room and if possible bring the spider with you.


Brown Recluse Spider Identification Basics

  • Brown recluse spiders have a fiddle/violin shape on their back
  • Some bites of a brown recluse can leave a necrotic open wound
  • Brown recluse spider prefers to live in out of the way reclusive areas


Some basic information on brown recluse control

Above all, identification is key to correctly know if the spider is a brown recluse. Glue monitoring traps are a good method to capture spiders for identification. Clean and vacuum storage areas, un-used rooms, basements and other areas not regularly used. Do not pile un-used clothes and shoes on the floor. Shake this out well before use.

Most noteworthy, if a number of spiders are found, it is suggested to hire a professional pest management company to create a control program.

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