Better Life Specialist – As a member of our corporate team, the better life specialist team member connects with our customers, listens and cares, provides information on our services and assists with billing. Due to our vision at U.S. Pest, we do whatever it takes to make sure our customers are happy. Our customers are members of our U.S. Pest Protection family.


Better Life Specialist Vision

First of all, the vision for this department is to touch lives, one person at a time. We believe in the vision that U.S. Pest Protection has for it’s customers as well as our products and services. We are more than just pest control. U.S. Pest offers lawn care maintenance, moisture control services, and more! We believe in protecting what matters most. Our moisture control products include vapor barriers and encapsulation protection. These products protect the underneath part of your home so that dangerous toxins do not make their way in to your breathing space. Most noteworthy, our professionals bring pest control in, to keep that which invades your space out! We are about your family because you are ours.


Customer Experience

Like any member of the family, we are here to be your voice when you need it. Our better life specialists protect your two biggest investments – your family and your home. Furthermore, as a better life specialist, we report directly to the top level of our leadership team. Our team also corresponds with branch management teams to stay in constant communication. The better life specialist role is your advocate.  We enjoy helping and ensuring your life is better because of U.S. Pest. When something is not right, it is communicated and followed through. As a result, the company continues to evolve and be better every single day in order to bring our customer experience to the highest level of care possible.


Human interaction at U.S. Pest

People are not automated. We feel, hurt, get frustrated, love, and laugh. Our better life specialists make certain that you get that human interaction and assistance needed. Your experience is our number one priority. It’s the communicated experience that helps aid in research and development to make a better world around us. Finally, as a better life specialist, our job is to help U.S Pest Protection be able to continue its mission in changing lives for the better, one family at a time. Thank you for allowing us to help you!


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