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Right now the termites, spiders and mosquitoes are gearing up for a big season…but the honeybees and other pollinators like our bees need to be protected. Their pollination of flowers and food is essential to our survival. That’s why at U.S. Pest we’ve developed a Bee Awareness Initiative to make sure that the honeybees are protected. In fact, U.S. Pest is the only pest control company in Tennessee that’s bee friendly. We’ve changed the way we protect your home so we can also protect the bee’s home and eliminate the bugs you don’t want.

We here at U.S. Pest are going to protect the bees through our employee and customer education and our pest control methods and applications.

Stay tune for more fun filled facts from U.S. Pest on keeping our bees safe and healthy.

Watch this cool video on how we are sponsoring a few local honey bee hives!

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