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What Attracts Ants?

ants eating an apple

It’s never fun when you discover ants crawling around your home. Even if it’s just one you very well could have a problem. Lone ants may be scouters looking for a good place to live. Once they find a suitable location, the rest of the colony is not far behind. But what makes these small, pesky pests so attracted to your home?

Your Home Provides Ants Shelter From the Outdoors

Ants need shelter, and your house makes for a great place to live. They will find their way in through cracks and crevices around your home. The key to preventing this from happening is to seal up any openings that they may be able to enter through, forcing them to find another place to take up residence.

Ants are the number one nuisance pest in America for homeowners. Don’t allow your home to become their home.

ants eating sweet food

Sugar ants love sweets!

You Have Tasty Food Lying Around

Ants love your home because it offers them a consistent source of food and water. Ants will eat just about anything. But some species of ants are attracted to certain types of foods more than others. For instance, grease ants are drawn to protein based foods, while sugar ants like sweets. Ants will leave a scent trail to find their way home. When they find food, they alert their friends, who then follow the smell until they arrive at your house. Take measures to keep ants away by eliminating food and water sources in and around your home. Clean regularly and don’t leave food sitting out. Instead seal groceries in airtight containers.


Some other quick tips to keep ants from having fun in your kitchen include:

  • Store sweets such as sugar, honey, and syrups in plastic containers.
  • Throw a bay leaf in with your dry goods. Ants hate the scent and it also aids in keeping other pests out of your pantry.
  • Keep your countertops and floors free of grease. Take care of any spills from cooking as soon as they happen.
  • Rinse out juice and soda bottles before throwing them away.
  • Make sure to not have over ripe fruit laying around. Your fruit bowl is a major treat for ants.


ants gathering in water

Standing water is a major attraction for ants.

You Also Have Water Lying Around

Excess moisture in your home could also be attracting ants. Bathrooms and around sinks are hotspots for this pest to build their nests due to the readily accessible water. Keep ants from invading your restroom by scrubbing the floors and insides of cabinets with a disinfectant cleaner. The less standing water that is in and around your home the better. Not only does it attract ants, it also attracts a whole gang of pests that have no business hanging out.

Your Pets Are Sharing Their Bowls

If you have pets, their food may be luring in the ants as well. Have you seen ants crawling around your pet’s food or water bowl? To keep ants from having fun by chowing down on your pet’s food, try only putting bowls out at set times of the day. You can also place their bowl a couple inches off the ground and keep a towel underneath to stop water from building up. If you do not want ants as pets you should call U.S. Pest!

Already Have An Ant Problem?

If you already have ants in your home, it’s best to call a pest control company to help you get rid of them. An expert will be able to identify the type of ant ravaging your home and apply the correct treatment method to get rid of that specific species. Pest control companies can also spray around your home to help prevent bugs from invading in the first place. Currently dealing with an ant problem? U.S. Pest is here to help. Give us a call today for a FREE inspection!

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