5 easy ways to get mice out of your home – It seems like no matter what we do every year to keep mice out of our homes, they always find their way inside. They are incredibly crafty and sneaky, and this can make it very difficult when trying to keep them out of your home. Most often times when they do sneak in, it is due to the weather outside, and are looking for shelter. Winter is the most common time of year homeowners will find mice, so let us discuss some of the methods on how to keep mice outside.  


1. Secure Potential Entry Points Of The Home  

As mentioned before, mice are basically sneaky ninjas that can squeeze into incredibly small spaces and get into areas where they do not belong. That is why it is so important to always monitor holes near the foundation of your home to make sure mice cannot get inside.  


2. Remove Pre-existing Nest’s Mice May Already Have 

Once they have found a comfortable place to call home, they will begin to create a nest and their own habitat. Discovering these nests early is a great way to prevent them from repopulating within your home. These can be found in either wall joists or commonly in the attic. This task is best left to the professionals of a pest management company because they will be able to find the nest and properly dispose of it.  


3. Get A Cat 

Cats are excellent house pets that can limit the number of rodents you find near your home. For individuals who live on large pieces of land, a cat is an excellent deterrent to mice and other rodents.  


4. Remove All Food Sources 

Besides just a warm shelter, mice also pick their habitat by how much potential food the area has to offer. If your home is unclean and there is left-out food, this is the equivalent of a buffet for all rodents. By keeping a consistent cleaning schedule, mice will not be attracted to your home.  


 5. Invest In A Professional Pest Control Company 

If left unchecked, mice can get out of hand pretty quickly. When discovering an infestation of mice it is best recommended to call a professional pest control company. Once there they will know exactly what to do and how to get rid of your mice problem. 

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