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BEE CERTIFIED - An initiative to be knowledgeable about our Tennessee honey bees in order to Bee Aware, Bee Educated, & Bee Inspired to help save the Tennessee honey bee population.

Learn how to become BEE CERTIFIED through our U.S. Pest partner, Williams Honey Farm.

Bee Aware | Bee Educated


Approximately 1/3rd of the national bee population has disappeared over the last 5 years. 1/3rd of the food we eat comes as the result of honeybees and other pollinators. More than 130 fruits and vegetables that make up nutritious diets are cross-pollinated by honeybees.

We don’t know why this is happening to the bee population but we at U.S. Pest want to do our part in educating and inspiring others to help save and increase the bee community. At U.S. Pest we promote best management practices to protect farmers and beekeepers.

Misapplication of pesticides by homeowners and/or pest control companies has had a negative impact on the bee population.

That’s why, at U.S. Pest, we’ve developed a Bee Awareness Initiative to make sure that the honeybees are protected. In fact, U.S. Pest is the only pest control company in Tennessee that’s bee-friendly.

US Pest Bee Aware Campaign - Closeup photo of bee hive

US Pest Bee Aware Campaign - Bee Aware Logo, next to a cluster of bees

What Measures Are We Taking To Help Protect The Honeybees More Than Any Other Pest Company?

U.S. Pest will continue to focus on educating our employees, being an industry leader, as well as educating customers on product application methods as well as staying up to date on new product labels that reference pollinators. Focusing on IPM approaches when bees are present as well as documenting wind speed (for drift control). Encouraging grass to be cut before the application of products and not applying them to blooms both help aid in protecting our honeybees.

We here at U.S. Pest have changed the way we protect your home so we can also protect the bee’s home and eliminate the bugs you don’t want!

How We Are Partnering With The Bee Community & Creating Awareness

U.S. Pest will continue to provide information to our customers regarding honeybees and hives in the area. In partnering with the beekeeping culture, U.S. Pest also continues to develop relationships and provide support for Beekeeping workshops, conferences, and corresponding courses to learn the skills necessary to become a beekeeper.

We at U.S. Pest pride ourselves in protecting the bees through our employee and customer education, as well as our pest control methods and applications. U.S. Pest will do whatever it takes to keep our bees safe and healthy!

US Pest Bee Aware Campaign - Side photo of beehive interior

Bee Aware | Bee Educated


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