Checking for Bed Bugs

Checking for Bed Bugs Spring break is right around the corner! Over 80% of hotels have been treated for bed bugs in the past year. Do you know how to check for bed bugs in your hotel room?! First [...]

Bees Remove Dead Bees

Bees Remove Dead Bees We’ve made it through a bunch of recent cold snaps and bad weather. Our food stores are looking good and it’s clear the baby bees are getting tired hanging out inside all [...]

Holy Moley!

Holy Molely!   Moles not only can ruin the appearance of your landscape they can also cut off essential root systems, causing healthy grasses and plants to die. If you think you have a mole [...]

Cold Weather And Mice

Cold Weather And Mice Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Which means mice start looking for a place to spend the winter. One of those places may be your home! Typical signs of a mouse infestation include [...]