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Getting Rid Of Red Ants

They go by many different names. Some call them red ants, others call them fire ants, and if you were a scientist you would call them Solenopsis. Whatever name you give to these pests, you have likely felt the pain of their sting and thought it’d be great if they would just leave you alone.

The getting rid of Red_AntsRed Ant Invasion

You might be surprised to learn that red ants are not native to the U.S. They actually traveled here on a shipping crate from Argentina and have spread rapidly due to the lack of natural predators.

Not only do these pests sting, but they also cause more than $750 million of damage to agricultural assets annually. So it’s important that we find a way to control the pest population. Scientists have discovered a way to do just that.

How Do We Stop Them?

They released a natural enemy of the fire ant called Pseudacteon. This parasitic fly injects its eggs into the ant. Once the larva hatches, it crawls to the bug’s head, after which the head falls off. The larva then feeds on the insides until growing into an adult fly to repeat the process. Yuck!

Some animals have even adapted to survive the red ant invasion. For instance, A study in 2009 reported that lizards have evolved within a 70 year period by growing longer legs and adding new behaviors to escape from danger.

Yet if you’re like most, you probably don’t have access to a parasitic fly to decapitate red ants for you, and you don’t feel like waiting 70 years to adapt. So what do you do if you are dealing with a fire ant problem now and can’t wait for the ant population to shrink?

Eliminate Ants Now!

First, you need to keep any more of these annoying little pests from invading. Check out this blog on what attracts ants for tips on that. Then call a professional pest control company to rid your home of the rest. Actually, you should call Tennessee’s number one pest control company, U.S. Pest.

U.S. Pest can get rid of any bug out there, including fire ants. Contact us now to eliminate your ant problem!


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